About me

I am a professional artist and have been working as a music producer and composer for over 30 years. I have developed a real passion for music as it has been with me all this time. I am involved in various music/film/music clip productions and work as a composer and sound designer/sound engineer. I compose and mix different types of music in my studio, which I have been running for over 25 years. My interests and experience lie in the production of TV documentaries, films, trailers, commercial music and chart music and all the different aspects they entail. I have worked closely with national and international artists and agencies to produce music.
Working with many artists, broadcasters, film companies and directors around the world, I have gained a lot of experience in different cultural music styles, learning how to record and produce these styles and instruments, as well as working with large orchestras. I work and develop different musical directions, combining them with extraordinary instrumental styles and genres that fit into both today's and tomorrow's music styles.

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